The Afghan Hound

Possessed of the ultimate in beauty and grace, the Afghan Hound is truly a king among dogs. A true aristocrat, the stylish Afghan is an elegant, strong, dignified dog combining great speed and power.

The Afghan Hound is a member of the sighthound family, along with the other extremely fast coursing dogs, such as the Greyhound, Saluki and Whippet.

The Afghan Hound originates from Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India where it was used to course game across mountainous terrain. Owned by both royalty and tribesmen it was used to hunt to provide food or simply to provide sport for the nobility. During the 19th century British soldiers took the first specimens back with them to England.

The Afghan Hound requires considerable exercise in order to maintain good physical condition, as well as a space in which to play. An extremely agile dog, it can gallop at speeds of at least 60 kms per hour, take a broad jump of 6 metres and can leap 3 metres high from a standing position.

The Afghan hound

Its second important need is regular grooming and a glance at the long thick, silky coat will tell you that this is indeed a time-consuming job. The Afghan Hound comes in a kaleidoscope of solid colours, including white, blonde, red, black, black and tan, blue, and brindle. White markings are not favoured.

The aloof demeanour and independent spirit, which is so typical of this spectacular breed can mean that it may be a little more difficult to train than some other dogs. However. kindness and patient handling will quickly make the Afghan Hound a loyal and loving companion. Provided that you can give it the conditions and care that it needs, there are few more rewarding dogs to own than the exotic and highly individualistic Afghan Hound